Morocco – kingdom, safari trough the desert, Moorish art, beautiful beaches, western part of Islam and for the team of DYNAFIT it’s an outstanding and exotic country for ski touring. On the 15th oft March 2012 speed mountaineer Benedikt Böhm and Schorch Nickaes of team DYNAFIT succeeded a speed ascent of the “Toubkal”.Toubkal (4167 metres) is the highest summit of the Atlas Mountains inNorthern Africa.Together with some friends and partners of the DYNAFIT team and mountain guides from Hydroalpin the athletes reached the summit within 3 hours 9 minutes and 20 seconds.Starting Point of the speed ascent was a place called “Aremd” (1900 m), which is the last inhabited area in Toubkal-Valley,The athletes carried their skies and shoes on the back and started with the first 1.300 altitude differences trough the desert by feet. Böhm and Nickaes, Andreas Eisenmann from DYNAFIT X-the Alps Store Söll, Patrick Jost from the “Hindelanger mountain guides” and Sepp Willibald from DYNAFIT Competence Center “Do schau´her” in Wackersberg reached the summit with an height of 4167 metres by ski and broke speed records. Morocco is full of admiration for this speed action made by the team of DYNAFIT. The inhabitants are sure that nobody before reached the summit of Toubkal within 3:09:20 with touring ski. As a special benefit DYNAFIT equipped some adolescents and mountain guides with DYNAFIT ski-touring equipments to advance the market of mountain guides inMorocco. The speed ascent to Toubkal is seen as a perfect preperation for another expedition toCho Oyuin fall. We are very happy to join the DYNAFIT team and we are looking forward to a tense challenge!