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Some important details about the k2 shovel
You’ll probably use your shovel most for digging ramps, kickers and even digging out your car. And most shovels will do an adequate job for these tasks. Unfortunately, because avalanche debris sets up so hard, a frighteningly large number of shovels fail when called upon for their most critical function of excavating a buried friend. This is why our shovels are designed for durability and utility. They`re made out of aircraft grade aluminum. Unlike other shovels though, they`re not made from a big sheet of aluminum and then bent into shape, they`re actually poured into molds to shape them so they`re a lot more durable and hard.

The K2 Rescue shovel can also be used in other forms ( see Photo’s ) and will break down to fit into most backpacks, or it can be bought as a package in the K2 Backside pack, which comes with a K2 Pilchuck backpack, and the K2 aluminium 3 metre probe and the rescue shovel. Our price Euro160.


Ultra Durable Construction
Reconfigures to Hoe Shape in Seconds
Perfect for Shear Tests
Efficient for Chopping Hard Snow
Rippled Front Edge for Increased Strength and Digging Power
The K2 Rescue Shovel can also construct an emergency sled, build a dead man anchor, or provide a flat platform for your stove. Weight: 695g