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Mountain Guide Rucksack Sac à dos Guide montagne Mochila Mountain Guide حقيبة دليل الجبال

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Mountain Guide Rucksack Sac à dos Guide montagne Mochila Mountain Guide حقيبة دليل الجبال


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Mountain Guide Rucksack 38 ContactFit

The alpine mountain guide rucksack from Salewa is the backpack for the professional

A mountain guide rucksack constructed without compromise to be exceptionally tough. Designed to meet the professional‘s requirements for durability, capacity and comfort.  Will last you for years and adapt to whichever mountain experience you wish to participate in.  Suitable for walking, ski touring and to carry your climbing equipment.

Do not compromise on your choice of back pack.  The Mountain Guide rucksack is the choice of those in the know.  If you are still not sure this is the mountain guide rucksack for you then use this link to help you decide.

We thought that including some advice on rucksack packing would be a worthwhile.  

The reason for this is simple, everyone has a knack of packing a rucksack which they like, and how you pack your rucksack will depend on the activity you are doing (e.g. fell walking, alpine climbing, adventure racing etc.) and on the design of your rucksack as well as the tactics you wish to employ doing that activity.

 There are however some common tips that, by considering, most people can improve their rucksack packing   

Tip 1 Find what works for you and stick to it!

 We have already said that packing a rucksack is a very personal thing, but by finding a way of packing a rucksack that you like and sticking with it, you will be able to reach for the right pocket or area of your rucksack immediately. A very useful skill when searching for a head torch in the dark! 


Tip 2 Think waterproof!

 The reason why many places are so beautiful is because it rains so much, simple! To enjoy the beauty we therefore have to take precautions against the elements and waterproof your rucksack

When packing a rucksack it’s a good idea to consider what would happen if it poured down from the start of your expedition to the end…Those plastic bags protecting your sleeping bag and warm layers would likely disintegrate!

Invest in some decent dry bags! They don’t cost much and they last almost forever!  One large dry bag is the minimum you should be thinking about… plus try a waterproof rucksack rain cover.


Tip 3 organise…organise…organise!

 As someone who could now find a rogue piece of pasta in his rucksack easier than he could find his wardrobe in his bedroom, I have come to really appreciate this point!


This tip is really an addition to the first two tips. A really useful way to organise your rucksack is to use a number of dry bags and group items together.

For example waterproof jacket and trousers together in one bag and a little bag for wallet, keys and glasses is always useful.

Using a number of different coloured and sized dry bags will make remembering where you have put everything easier!

and remember…when you have found a method that you like, stick to it! 


Tip 4 The heavy things matter!

 When I was a youth it was always drilled into me that heavy items go in the bottom of your rucksack, I was never given a valid reason for this and so didn’t pay much attention!Now,  I am no expert, but from my experience and basic understanding, most humans centre of gravity is around their belly button (imagine balancing your body on top of a railing and taking your hands off like children do.) Your centre of gravity is roughly in the centre of your body between your belly and back.

 If we put a great lump on our back, our centre of gravity moves backwards, this is why we tend to tip backwards when we have a rucksack on.

 A lower centre of gravity has been linked with increased stability, (which could be why the old mountain goats insist on putting heavy items in the bottom of their rucksack), but this can feel like a lot of weight is on your hips and like your being dragged backwards by your bum!

 Having heavier items higher up in your rucksack, will move your centre of gravity upwards reducing stability.

Next time you see someone with a heavy load on their back, note their posture, they tend to lean slightly forward. This is because this moves the centre of gravity into its natural position, over the person feet, rather than behind them!  

This simple act of moving our centre of gravity over our base (feet) can make the load feel so much easier to carry. The  load hasn’t actually changed, we have just moved our bodies into a more ergonomic position. 


So to finally conclude tip 4, if you want stability then placing heavy items close to or slightly above your belly button (in your rucksack of course!) is recommended).

If you are not going to be on exposed or technical terrain, then placing heavy items higher in your rucksack could make the load feel easier to carry. 

Tip 5 Don’t worry about it too much!

 These tips are just a few things to think about, not to fret about! Just get out in the hills and enjoy yourself!    

Hope These Help.Guide de montagne sac à dos 38 ContactFit
Le sac à dos montagne alpine guide de Salewa est le sac à dos pour les professionnels

Sac à dos guide montagne construit sans compromis pour être exceptionnellement difficile. Conçu pour répondre aux exigences du professionnel de durabilité, de qualité et de confort. Va vous durer des années et s’adapter à n’importe quel expérience de montagne vous souhaitez participer. Convenable pour la marche, ski de randonnée et de transporter votre équipement d’escalade.

Ne compromettez pas votre choix de sac à dos. Le sac à dos Guide de haute montagne est le choix de ces dans le savoir. Si vous n’êtes toujours pas sûr que c’est le sac à dos montagne guide pour vous, puis utilisez ce lien pour vous aider à décider. http:www.mountainwarehouse.comexpert-advicerucksack-Guide

 Guía de montaña mochila 38 ContactFit
La mochila del guía de montaña alpina de Salewa es la mochila para el profesional

Una mochila de guía de montaña construida sin compromiso a ser excepcionalmente difícil. Diseñado para satisfacer los requerimientos de los profesionales para la durabilidad, capacidad y comodidad. Para años y adaptar a cualquier experiencia de montaña que desee participar en. Apto para caminar, esquí de travesía y llevar su material de escalada.

No se comprometa en su elección de mochila. La mochila del guía de montaña es la elección de los entendidos. Si usted está seguro todavía no es la mochila de guía de montaña para use este enlace para ayudarte a decidir. http:www.mountainwarehouse.comexpert-advicerucksack-Guideالجبال دليل حقيبة 38 كونتاكتفيت
حقيبة دليل جبال الألب من سلوى هو ظهره للفئة الفنية

حقيبة دليل جبلية التي شيدت دون تنازلات صعبة بصورة استثنائية. مصممة لتلبية الاحتياجات الفنية للمتانة والقدرة والراحة. وسوف تدوم لسنوات وتكييف لتجربة الجبل أيهما ترغب في المشاركة في. مناسبة للمشي، جولة التزلج وتحمل معدات التسلق الخاصة بك.

لا تساوم على اختيارك لحزمة مرة أخرى. حقيبة “دليل الجبال” هو اختيار تلك في معرفة. إذا كنت لا تزال غير متأكد من هذا هو حقيبة دليل الجبال لك ثم استخدم هذا الارتباط لمساعدتك على اتخاذ قرار. http:www.mountainwarehouse.comexpert-advicerucksack-guide