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Salewa Piton Big Pack

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Salewa Piton Big Pack


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Pitons are universally applicable and are
a great help particularly in unexpected
situations. A distinction is made between
safety pitons (S) and progression pitons
(F). SALEWA also differentiates between
hardened pitons (coloured black) for hard
rock types (granite, schist, etc.) and softer
pitons (marked with green) for softer rocks
color 0530 lime green
3 x angel pitons 115 mm
3 x angel pitons 70 mm
6 x universal 100 mm
3 x blade piton 70 mm
3 x blade piton 50 mm
6 x softy 90 mm
6 x softy 75 mm
6 x softy 50 mm
3 x softy 50 mm
3 x ring softy 12 mm
3 x ring softy 95 mm
3 x v-ring 140 mm