Ski Workshop Service

Atlas Extreme is the only company with qualified technicians to offer ski servicing in Morocco. To book ski servicing in Morocco please contact us with your requirements.  A basic service as described below will cost 20 Euros plus delivery. We pride ourselves on providing a tailored service and this can only be achieved by assessing the condition of your skis and tuning and servicing of winter sports equipment by hand, not just relying on machines. It is a more prolonged process, but ultimately will result in improved performance of your equipment, and also help enhance the life of your board or skis. If you have only ever had a quick in-resort service or basic waxing, you will be in for a pleasant shock – We WILL bring your skis back to life! Our service includes: Thorough cleaning of bases and edges via Holmenkol Wax AB remover Inspection of bases and edges. Repair any standard base scratches Sand using premium fine belts Hand polish edges using increasingly fine grades of Diamond files Detuning of edges at the tip and tail Hot wax of bases with a waxing iron by hand (not a machine) followed by brush structuring Final cloth polish, removal of wax from edges Visual inspection only of bindings and tighten any loose binding bolts