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Atlas Extreme is a mountain sports outlet in Morocco.  All your mountain sports equipment needs can be met by Atlas Extreme either from our website or from our shop in Imlil at the foot of the Atlas mountains.  Atlas Extreme can equip you to enjoy walking, climbing, skiing, camping or mountain biking in Morocco.

Atlas Extreme – where we are

Atlas Extreme is a mountain sports shop in Imlil at the foot of the Atlas mountains.  The shop can meet all your needs for setting out on an adventure in the Atlas mountains, whether in summer or winter.  Atlas Extreme also has a smaller mountain sports shop in Kettara which is a village 32 Km outside Marrakech.

Mountain Sports Shop Goods:

The Atlas Extreme mountain sports shop sells camping goods, walking equipment, climbing equipment, maps, books, skis, ski safety equipment and much more.  Visit the Alas Extreme mountain sports shop shop in Imlil or browse this site for more examples of the goods available.

Other Atlas Extreme Services

The Atlas Extreme mountain sports shops also offer servicing for skis and mountain bikes.  Atlas Extreme can supply the services of mountain guides and mules for all your trekking needs in the Atlas mountains.

Some of the Atlas Extreme equipment is available for hire from the mountain sports shop.  Things like our Snow Safety Kit will protect you from the risk of avalanche should you be skiing off piste or trekking in winter in the Atlas mountains

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