Coll Tex Pro Skin



Coll Tex Pro Skin

The Coll-Tex Pro Skin is essentially a sock for you to store your skins in. A 3D version of skin netting. Not exactly essential but so much easier to use than netting and much more robust.

To use them:

.Slide your hand into the colltex pro-skin ski skin sock.

.Pull the skin sock over your arm. ¡ Using your “ski skin sock” hand, remove about one third of the adhesive skin from the ski base.

.Pull the skin sock over this third of the adhesive ski skin.

. Remove the rest of the adhesive skin from the ski base and lay it to the skin sock with the adhesive surface in contact with the sock.

.Lightly press the skin against the sock, and then store it in the colltex skin sack.

.You must dry wet or damp skins once you get home.