Stove: Camping Gaz Twister Plus PZ


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Camping Gaz Twister Plus PZ weighing just 263g

A compact, single burner stove for stability with larger pans. The Camping Gaz Twister Plus is a valve cartridge stove designed with a single burner, ideal for operating quickly, and storing with ease.   A must for the ‘lightweight packer’ this stove works with Campingaz® CV Plus valve cartridges, which can be easily disconnected even when not empty, so you can move along.   The Twister Plus benefits from an ‘Easy Clic’™ Plus Cartridge connection that means connection every single time.   Made with a heat screen to protect the knob from overheating, the power of the Twister Gaz Plus is an impressive 2900W and has a boil time of 3 minutes and 45 seconds.  The run time varies dependent on what cartridge you use, but as a guide the CV270 Plus would provide 1 hour, the CV300 Plus1hr and 10minutesm the CV470 2 hours.   Weighing just 263g the Twister Gaz Plus is an essential stove for the weight conscious adventurer or camper.