Guide Book The High Atlas Treks and Climbs on Morocco’s Biggest and Best Mountains


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This guide is an inspirational first-hand (and
foot) account of the challenges of Morocco’s
High Atlas mountain range. Detailing how
treks and climbs can be completed, it is a
mix of the renowned author’s reminiscences
and descriptions of how best to tackle these
mountains to find their most rewarding treks
and climbs.
Morocco’s Atlas mountains form an extensive
series of ranges across Africa’s northwest and
the High Atlas range contains the highest
peaks of all, with endless tops of over 3000m
and some of over 4000m. A few of the really
big hills stand in serene isolation, so isolated
that they can have their own distinct plantlife.
Travelling through the valleys is every bit as
important as success on the mountains.
Trekking through the range or reaching the
summits are great achievements but the
High Atlas experience is fundamentally
enhanced by the people of the valleys and
village life. Berber tribes have lived in the
valleys for thousands of years and local
people and culture provide just as many
memorable experiences as reaching the
surrounding summits.