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The Petzl Charlet Snowracer Axe is their lightest ice axe for hiking, ski touring, alpine skiing and expeditions. This is the lightest ice axe in the Petzl Charlet product line however its construction ensures that its lightness does not come at the expense of efficiency.

The hollow shaft is plugged to prevent snow from getting in, the thin blade (4mm) has also been lightened but uses the same steel as the Quark to guarantee strength and solid anchoring in the ice, the lightened adze resembles a hollowed chisel, and the blade teeth are rounded to improve comfort in handling.

Petzl Charlet Snowracer Axe Features
•4 mm toothed pick made of Charlet steel: durable
•Durable Charlet steel adze, contoured for hand. Efficient for chopping steps
•Head, adze and pick with cut-out profile for weight saving
•Pick equipped with hole for clipping a carabiner or attaching a sling
•High strength 7075 aluminum shaft, anodized for corrosion protection
•Beveled spike, plugged to prevent snow build-up inside shaft
•CEN-B certified
Weight:340gPetzl SNOWRACER
Ax léger pour le ski alpinisme et d’escalade lumière