Jebel Sahro Map Carte de Djebel Sarho Jebel Sahro Mapaخريطة جبل سارو


This Jebel Sahro map is suitable for trekking yet also highlights the important cultural highlights of the region.  Jebel Sahro is in the Sahro mountain range in South Morocco.  The area is regarded by some as Morocco’s finest mountain range. 

The Jebel Sahro is a mountain range between the High Atlas and the Sahara and is separated from the High Atlas by the valleys of the Dades and the Draa. Scenically it is an area of dramatic contrasts : palm trees, rose hedges, oases and stark, barren volcanic mountains and mud brick villages. Highlights include a glimpse of the Tadaout n’Tablah mountains and an amazing upright rock pinnacle named ‘Bab n’Ali’ – translated as the ‘Gates of Ali’
It is very hot in the summer and can be bitterly cold in winter. For this reason a good time to visit is from October to March when temperatures during the day are around 20 degrees Centrigrade, though the nights are well below freezing.

For trekkers who want to get off the beaten track Jebel Sahro is ideal. The highest point of the Sahro is 2712m with most passes between 1500m and 2500m.

Colour Jebel Sahro Map to scale of 1:100.000

Mohamed Aït Hamza & Herbert Popp:
Carte de trekking «Randonnée culturelle dans le Djebel Saghro (Maroc du Sud)»
Carte thématique à l’échelle 1/100.000ème, en couleur
Mapa de senderismo «Senderismo Cultural en el Jebel Saghro (sur de Marruecos)»
Mapa 1100.000eme de Zurich, en tema de color
خريطة الرحلات «الثقافية المشي لمسافات طويلة في جبل صاغرو (جنوب المغرب)»
خريطة 1100.000eme Léchelle، في موضوع الألوان