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Karrimor Cookset and Burner

The Karrimor Cookset and Burner is perfect for camping and backpacking as it takes up little space. Featuring a burner that uses meths or bio ethonal gel as fuel, it is light weight and has a pot grip so it takes up less space. This is constructed from durable anodised aluminium, it is easy to clean and comes with a carry strap to finish.

Camping Cooking Set with 2L pot,  1.5L pot, 1L kettle,  217 x 45mm pan, 210 x 70mm stove base, 207 x 110mm stove body, 190 x 33mm plate, 125 x 22mm gripper, 72 x 49mm stove, Bio ethonal gel as fuel, Light weight, Anodised aluminium construction, Carry strap, Stackable