Morocco Ski Guide




Morocco Ski Guide – qualified and experienced in the Atlas mountains

Services of qualified morocco ski guide to accompany you and show you interesting and challenging routes  in the High Atlas Occidental and central.  Our guides are French speaking with a little English.  All have extensive experience of winter expeditions and off piste skiing in the Atlas mountains.

Our morocco ski guides are equipped with modern ski safety equipment.  With the service of our morocco ski guides you can embark on a challenging winter tour of the Atlas mountains with peace of mind.  You will enjoy the best winter mountain experience this wonderful country has to offer.

Skiing is not something normally associated with North Africa, but being a nation of surprises, it should come as no surprise that you can. Trekkers on foot or on horses and mules will get a very different experience to the one you will get as a skier, in the depths of a Moroccan winter.

Descending a mountain such as Toubkal or M’Goun on skis is obviously much quicker and more instantly exhilarating, but you will also get to view the ancient High Atlas from different places and perspectives, not necessarily available to those on foot. The top of North Africa is a very beautiful place.

All of your guides and team are well-trained and drawn from the local population. Your safety and enjoyment is always at the top of their agenda.Guide de Ski Maroc – qualifié et expérimenté dans les montagnes de l’Atlas
Services de ski Maroc qualifié guident pour vous accompagner et de vous montrer les voies intéressantes et stimulantes dans le haut Atlas Occidental et central. Nos guides sont Français parlant avec un peu d’anglais. Tous ont une vaste expérience des expéditions hivernales et hors piste, ski dans les montagnes de l’Atlas.