Raft Avanti 420 Aqua Design


The AVANTI 420 is the most affordable raft in the Aquadesign fleet and is made of heavy duty PVC fabric. The tubes are made of 1100 DTEX PVC fabric with lining under the tubes and under the bottom in 1680 DTEX, the carrying handles are made of reinforced PVC, the thwarts are sewn and glued, the D-rings are reinforced. The high quality fabric will guarantee you a very good flexion and mobility during the navigation. For a better resistance to abrasion, the tubes are doubled up to the anti-scratch band.
It is necessary to store the raft in a sheltered area to avoid premature aging of the fabric. All rafts in the Avanti range are delivered to you equipped with foot straps and a repair kit for PVC fabric.

The AVANTI 420 raft can accommodate up to 9 people.

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