Crampons Salewa Aguille 2.0 Walk Antiboot


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Salewa Crampons Aguille 2.0 Walk Antiboot:

The Aguille Salewa crampons perfectly accompany classic alpinists or anyone wanting to enjoy mountains aywhere in winter.

These Salewa crampons are classic hiking crampons for snow-free glaciers or steep, packed ice fields in summer. Renowned for being easy to fit, these Salewa crampons have a tried and tested adjustment system which guarantees the crampon can be fitted and adjusted faster and more easily. Supplied with anti-balling plate.

Salewa crampons features:

– Art. Nr.: 884

– Weight (g): 1000

– Sizing: UNI

A beautiful lightweight steel crampon, high quality icebox for use or mixed. Its control system simple and reliable will guarantee maximum security.

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