Dynafit skis Seven Summit




The SEVEN SUMMITS Ski symbolizes the highest mountains of all seven continents, where skiers clearly encounter the most varied of snow conditions and terrain types. This ski is ready to face all challenges. The wide sidecut curvature in the front and the tighter curvature in the back make for a large margin of error, while providing precise control on all terrain and snow types. For the new Seven Summits, the core construction of the Stoke ski has been used. This guarantees greater boost and a smoother performance. The ski returns quickly to its original position, even at high speed and on uneven terrain. It also has a new aluminum skin tip. A dual radius guarantees super-precise speed control on steep and icy terrain.


Length: 149 156 163 170 178
Weight (g): 1080 (149) 1170 (156) 1240 (163) 1330 (170) 1420 (178)
Sidecut: 110-78-97 113-78-100 113-80-100
Radius: 19/15 22.5/18.5 26/22
Colours: wood/ white, wood/ red, darkgreen/ red, green/ red
Field of use: SkiTouring
Core construction: Paulownia ultra-light wood with stringers in beech and bamboo