Ski Boots: Dynafit Men’s Neo Px CR Ski Boot




Size: 29 Sole: 324mm
Size 31 Sole : 344mm

The perfect choice for ski touring. The features that have made the TLT6 a best seller have been adapted in this style for a wider range of users: simpler handling, more latitude for individual user fit, warmer, and more support on the descent. NEO is the perfect choice for ski mountaineers that seek not only a lightweight boot but also one that masters descents well. Special features: A cuff that offers more rotation compared to other ski touring boots thus giving you unmatched natural walking comfort. A 3 mm layer of polyethylene offers optimal thermal insulation. The sole is compatible with all ski touring binding systems currently on the market. Available with a new the new Custom Ready liner, which provides out-of-the-box comfort, thermal insulation, long life, and which presents a lower profile and softer border in order to better adapt to the anatomy of the foot.

Brand: Dynafit
Model year: 2020
Flex: 110
Weight: 1620 gram
Manufacturers description
Neo PU is a stable ski touring boot with 3 buckles, high user-friendliness and wide range of uses. Perfect for those looking for good stability and power transmission in combination with fine ascent properties. Total freedom of movement In the shaft with a full 60 degrees and easy adjustment of walking and riding position with one and the same Ultra Lock buckle. Both shell and cuff are fully molded in polyurethane and provide a nice ride feel and high durability. In terms of weight, Neo is on par with most Pebax boots and is therefore both more durable and long-lasting. Neo U is delivered with a elaborate Custom Ready inner shoe that is thermoformable. Total weight is 1620 gr (MP 27.5) including strap. Fits normal to slightly wider feet.