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The Riggers Tower Climbing kit is a versatile combination of equipment which allows for work positioning and fall arrest.

The NEON harness structure ensures good fit with maximum comfort and security. Chest rings and articulated hip section with floating belt attachment aligns the webbing to for optimum fit and freedom of movement.

Also in the Riggers Tower Climbing Kit is the ELITE twin lanyards for continuous attachment while climbing. The rope material gives a high level of resistance to abrasion and cutting. The large central ring proves a straightforward place to “park” an unused lanyard.

The PIRANHA adjustable lanyard allows precise positioning and can be operated with one hand.


DUON-Air technical safety helmet

  • Total compliance for complex environments with changing hazards
  • Full adaptability with configurable chinstrap and vents
  • Exceptional fit and stability with a unique adjustment system
  • Complete versatility; compatible with a full range of accessories

NEON harness

  • Chest rings for comfort and freedom of movement
  • Large lumbar support pad for high level comfort and support during positioning
  • Adjustable harness structure ensures good fit with maximum comfort and security
  • Integral lanyard parking points

Core components:

    • DUON-Air helmet EN 12492
    • NEON full body rigger’s harness
    • ELITE twin lanyard 1.25m
    • PIRANHA adjuster for positioning or restraint 2m
    • Durable 30L KARI 30 (WLL 18kg)

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